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the fabric it may be used to stitch or embroider designs which glow in the dark. The chemical approaches undergone by using the fabric ensures that their specified attribute stays untouched even after washing and ironing though direct ironing must be kept away from. Clothes created from this material are used by early morning or late night time joggers, campers for their tents, as get together costumes, t-shirts and bounce fits of kids, mattress sheets and blankets and other house furnishing fabric.

‘Glow in the dead of night’ paints are yet another general area the place these fluorescent pigments discover a huge use. One-of-a-kind combinations of the basic materials give special resultant color mixtures starting from green to blue to pink to yellow green. The ‘glow at nighttime’ paints are used in a quantity of items such as glow cars, fishing lures, police


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