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Art pupil, Chiamaka Okenwa, answers the query, ‘What runs by means of the mind of an artist earlier than the delivery of a real masterpiece?’ it is a question that plagues each person, specifically in cutting-edge chaotic world where your identity is simply misplaced.


The reply to this query is what i have got down to to find in my consult with to ‘Identities’, an exhibition at Denk spaces. On the entrance to the gallery was a display by means of the exhibiting artist Erasmus Onyishi. What had at first looked to be a mere tangle of wires and muddle took form upon more careful observation as a colony of ants marching up the wall. This combined media piece, openly Closed, used to be perhaps what opened our minds to the existence of different types of art apart from realism, a idea we had been more or less closed off to.



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