lovely good night wallpaper


2nd point – Use color. Shiny, brilliant colours stimulate the mind. The more encouraged the mind, the simpler it is to be ingenious.


3rd point – Use curved strains to attach ideas. Why? On account that in case you simply use straight lines, the mind gets bored swiftly.


4th factor – Add portraits whenever possible. Why? Due to the fact that if a image is valued at a thousand phrases, then 10 pix are valued at ten thousand words. By means of utilizing a phrase AND an picture you interact either side of the brain without limiting your abilities.


If you  making use of mind mapping to write down, ideas will flow one after a different. It is sincerely very rough to have author’s block if recommendations come so fast you can not keep up. It won’t clear up all of your writing problems, but it’s going to make matters less difficult.


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