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Historical past, they are saying, is the propaganda of the victor. And rightly so, if what obtains now will probably be used as a yardstick for ancient analysis. For history as it is written in these days is a fabricated from both a single story or an emergence of a winner within the contest among more than one reviews. Dictators are mindful of this, and therefore, within the olden days, every ruler has a historian in his hire to inform his or her own story. It’s still in observe today.

The true which means of the word is contained in the word itself, which boils right down to shortening of two words- His Story. How often have regimes falsified history to place themselves in the limelight? Do we certainly falsify historical past? If history is falsified, then in actual experience, it does not tell His Story but is as a substitute a section of propaganda. Because of this Africans are struggling at present due to the fact that of the ills of a single


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