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The 2 primary colorant sources are the dyes and pigments. Nevertheless, there lies some difference in the points, manner of use, benefits and the sore features of each and every of them although relatively in most cases the terms, pigment, dye, colorant, dyestuff, paint, color are incorrectly used interchangeably.


Colorants come from natural and organic and inorganic sources and dyes constitute a colossal percentage of the natural colorants even as the pigments come generally from the inorganic sources. Naturally sourced pigments are got from animals, greens and minerals sources; nevertheless, majorly pigments incorporate of inorganic oxides and salts like chromium and iron oxides that get diffused in powder form within the medium of application. The coloring residences of the diffusion are decided by way of the form and dimension of the pigment particle. The dyes are divided into usual dyes and


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